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CAW Uses and Space Information

The SBAC is developing and operating the Community Arts Workshop based on a belief in the power of the arts and collaboration to create a more vibrant and healthy community, and to create a welcoming space for creative endeavors and exploration—a hub for artists, thinkers, innovators, and creators to use to develop ideas, make connections, and build community—fostering the sustainability and growth of the arts in Santa Barbara.


SBAC works to maintain the CAW as a "blank canvas" for as wide a diversity of arts uses and users as possible, providing space and collaborating with project initiators to make their ideas a success for the benefit of the broader community, and supporting and cultivating collaborations between artists and arts organizations, community groups, the business community, non-profit organizations and the entire community.

If you would like to use the CAW to make your project possible, please fill out the use form below or contact us, describing how you would use the CAW to organize your project or event. 

Have an idea? Use the CAW.

The CAW is for:

Art Classes

Gallery Shows
Float-Building for Parades

Nonprofit Events

Photography and Film



Theatre and Dance Workshops and Performances


Comedy Shows

Want to use the CAW? Fill out our use questionnaire. 

And Nearly Anything Else You Can Imagine!

A blank canvas...

The Community Arts Workshop is two buildings and four separate spaces functional, open space suitable for workshops, art shows, performances, classes, rehearsals, webinars, filming, photography, and more. While renovations are not complete, the possibilities of the space are endless. 

Here is a site plan of the four separate spaces. See below for photos.

Current Dimensions:

Shed: 47’x31’ (ceiling height 12’ 6”)

Assembly Room: 45’ x 34’ (12’ 10” to bottom beam)

The Ortega Room: 38’ x 17’

The Gallery and Community Room: 34’ x 13’

Full site approx. 115’ x 130’, approx. 15,000 sq. ft.



THE SHED, our second-largest space, is well-suited to rehearsals, classes, workshops, gallery shows, photo-shoots, and many other uses. Current approximate dimensions: 47’x31’ (ceiling height 12’ 6”). The walls are drywall over plywood. The floor is painted concrete. 


THE ASSEMBLY ROOM, the CAW's largest space, is beautifully suited to performances, concerts, lectures, gatherings, workshops, and many other uses. Current approximate dimensions: 45’ x 34’ (12’ 10” to bottom beam). The walls are painted brick. The floor is concrete. 



THE COMMUNITY ROOM is a warm, elegant space wonderful for small gallery shows, classes, meetings, workshops, rehearsals, and more. Current approximate dimensions: 34’ x 13’. The walls are drywall over plywood (up to 8 ft). The floor is concrete. It contains a moveable table.


THE ORTEGA ROOM is a workshop space well-suited to classes, rehearsals, meetings, workshops, and more. Current approximate dimensions: 38’ x 17’. The walls are painted brick and plywood. The floor is concrete.

If you'd like to use the CAW

Contact Us

Physical Address:

631 Garden Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1414

Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1414

Email (preferred):

(Casey Caldwell, Managing Director)


(805) 301-7857

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