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Elaine Wilson Presents:

Acrylic and Mixed Media Studio Time Workshops

February 2, 9 and 16 9:00AM to 12:00PM
You will never stare at a blank canvas again and wonder where to begin!

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The Studio Time Workshop is designed to further develop each students' skills with individual hands-on help and critique from Elaine. We will continue to begin each painting using timed audio commands and canvas rotation, but everyone will go at their own pace with the option of starting a new project each week. This class will include referring to the ten abstract design compositions, assistance in color mixing, improvement in executing painting techniques, and the use of new brushes and tools. A wider range of collage materials will be discussed with an emphasis on editing your own work using the editing questions. Students who have completed Level 1 are eligible for this workshop.

$180 for Nine Hours of Monthly Instruction - Three Three-Hour Workshops

See Video on Website and more at Contact Elaine at

Kaos.Love Presents:

Kaleidoscope Artworks

Explorations of color and light with reclaimed wood.
February 10 – 23, 2023. Opening Reception Friday Feb 10, 4-8pm.
Gallery Hours Fridays 10a-6pm, or by appointment.

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A duo art exhibit of work by Susan Van Fossen and Dave Drewisch. Both artists share a common appreciation for the versatility of wood and its expressive form when combined with shape, color and texture.

For more information about the art contact Susan Van Fossen, 707-981-1202,

For appointments to view the art show, call or text the CAW at 805-324-7443.


Artist Susan Van Fossen explores the kaleidoscopic world of the healing spectrum of chakra paintings on reclaimed wood.


Dave Drewisch has created stained glass “nightlight aquariums”, inspired by his lifelong experiences growing up exploring ocean life here in SB.

Corwin Chair Concert Series presents:
(Sponsored by the Music Department - UCSB)

The 70th Week:
A Visual Music Opera Based on the Book of Daniel

February 24th, 7:30pm 
Free entrance limited to the number of seats available


The Book of Daniel is probably one of the most mysterious books in the Bible. The description of the events and prophecies include murder, treason, orgies, and torture. But it has also several very interesting and enigmatic prophecies that can be related to the present times. Social instability, global war, mass extermination, and many other events can possibly be interpreted in the prophetic writings of this young boy.

This visual music opera includes several events in the life of this prophet and his companions, as well as three prophecies that still may not have been fulfilled. 
The 70th week is one of these prophecies, and it relates to a state of constant war, sacrilege and destruction, that will finally lead to a miraculous transformation of the world in a new space of peace and justice. This pr
ophecy is then re-stated in the Book of Revelation, in the Bible.

As the description of the piece (a visual music opera) suggests, the operatic action is re-interpreted in a screen, using computer-generated images and sounds, as well as recorded vocal lines and dance movements. 

Elaine Wilson Presents:

Acrylic and Mixed Media Workshop Level 1

Thursdays, March 2, 9, and 16 from 9am-12pm
You will never stare at a blank canvas again and wonder where to begin!

Underwater Illumination AAC (2) (1).jpg

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, this exclusive process of using timed audio commands and canvas rotation to begin a painting will increase your spontaneity and creativity. This class includes the teaching and demonstration of thirty different acrylic and mixed media painting techniques.

Instruction in the use of high flow and fluid acrylics will be taught to maximize your ability to soften and blend acrylic paint. You will learn how to create and enlarge your own black and white photos for use as collage, along with techniques to integrate that collage into your painting. Two projects in the three day workshop will be started, with individual hands on help and critique from Elaine to bring them to completion.


$180 for Nine Hours of Monthly Instruction - Three Three-Hour Workshops


Contact Elaine at

$180 for Nine Hours of Monthly Instruction - Three Three-Hour Workshops

See Video on Website and more at Contact Elaine at

Use the CAW

The CAW collaborates to empower and provide affordable space for art projects of all kinds. Have an idea? Use the CAW.

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The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative works to maintain the CAW as a "blank canvas" for as wide a diversity of arts uses and users as possible, providing space and collaborating with project initiators to make their ideas a success for the benefit of the broader community, and supporting and cultivating collaborations between artists and arts organizations, community groups, the business community, non-profit organizations and the entire community.

Find out more about how you can use the CAW here: 

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