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Cor Art Classes

Workshops for the Human Spirit.

Classes begin September 30

This, our third pilot of an arts residency teaching program, we are offering as a response to the difficulty of the last few months. These classes offer a place to feel human in a surreal time. They are an opportunity to renew, refresh, to process the last few months, to feel some playfulness and freedom, and to learn skills helpful in these changing times.

Classes will take place online, or in some cases outdoors in small groups. Thanks to generous support from the Eichholz Foundation and Dana White, class fees are discounted for all, and scholarships are also available.

This program is set up with working adults in mind, especially in the service and helping professions. We’ve all been through the wringer. Long long hours of work or no hours at all. Uncertainties about safety. Uncertainties about our children. Uncertainties about the future. Come restore and process. Medical professionals, teachers, bus drivers, nonprofit employees, social workers, firefighters, daycare workers, baristas and restaurant servers, lawyers, cleaners, and others in other walks of life. These classes are really for all of us. We are all going through this. 

Ask Me Anything

A free-form online live arts & culture Q&A 

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative Pre
The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative Pre

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative is piloting an Ask Me Anything video interview program during this coronavirus-restricted period, a free-form online Q&A with smart people from Santa Barbara’s art & culture scene who’ve got stories to tell.

Interviews take place live on Facebook Live— anyone can ask questions and participate in real time via the comments.
(A Facebook account is not necessary to watch the video.) 


See below a link to an archive of Ask Me Anything episodes so far, or check out any time for recent and upcoming interviews. 


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