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Workshops for the Human Spirit

Classes begin April 11, 2021

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As we launch now our fourth pilot of an arts residency teaching program, there is a collective sense of hope that we are emerging from a dark time, as well as facing challenges still to overcome. These workshops are fundamentally about refreshing and renewing the human spirit, to help us all engage and reengage in our world. 

Classes are mostly in a hybrid model, taking place in a mixture of online and outdoors with social distancing. As COVID conditions improve and regulations change we hope to increase in-person instruction.​

Special thanks to the Hazen Family Foundation for their support to develop this program and provide scholarship funds. 

Use the CAW

The CAW collaborates to empower and provide affordable space for art projects of all kinds

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The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative works to maintain the CAW as a "blank canvas" for as wide a diversity of arts uses and users as possible, providing space and collaborating with project initiators to make their ideas a success for the benefit of the broader community, and supporting and cultivating collaborations between artists and arts organizations, community groups, the business community, non-profit organizations and the entire community.

During COVID, we have been used for many film and photography projects, and as well as small workshops. As COVID restrictions open up we look forward to a return to many performances, community discussions, classes, and many other uses.

Find out more about how you can use the CAW here: 

Ask Me Anything

A free-form online live arts & culture Q&A 

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative Pre
The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative Pre

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative piloted an Ask Me Anything video interview program during this coronavirus-restricted period, a free-form online Q&A with smart people from Santa Barbara’s art & culture scene who’ve got stories to tell.

Interviews take place live on Facebook Live— anyone can ask questions and participate in real time via the comments.
(A Facebook account is not necessary to watch the video.) 


See below a link to an archive of Ask Me Anything episodes so far, or check out any time for recent and upcoming interviews. 


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