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Help Build the Community Arts Workshop.

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Shed/Workshop (South building)                                            $500,000

Large Rehearsal/Performance Space (North building)        $500,000

David Shelton-designed public art gates (2)                          $250,000     each

Michael Gonzales Plaza                                                             $250,000

Gallery/Community Meeting Room                                        $250,000

Small rehearsal & classroom (Ortega-side North bldg)    $100,000     SOLD

Summer and Winter Solstice Gardens                                    $50,000    SOLD

Restrooms                                                                                    $25,000       each

Office spaces                                                                                $25,000       each

Donor Wall sponsor                                                                   $50,000


**We have a number of smaller donation level recognition opportunities that will be available as part of our public campaign. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss the options!

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