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Ask Me Anything

A free-form online live Q&A series

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative began piloting an Ask Me Anything video interview program during the coronavirus period, a free-form online Q&A with smart people from Santa Barbara’s art & culture scene who’ve got stories to tell. Interviews take place live on Facebook Live— anyone can ask questions and participate in real time via the comments. (A Facebook account is not necessary to watch the video.) 

See below an archive of Ask Me Anything episodes so far, or check out any time for recent and upcoming interviews. 

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Rosalina Macisco

July 30, 2020

Episode Sponsor: Sullivan Goss Gallery

Judy Larson

July 16, 2020

Episode Sponsor: Sullivan Goss Gallery

Dug Uyesaka and Michael Irwin

May 21, 2020

Episode Sponsor: Sullivan Goss Gallery

Ninette Paloma

May 14, 2020

Episode Sponsor: Sullivan Goss Gallery

Ethan Turpin

May 7, 2020

Episode Sponsor: Sullivan Goss Gallery

Nathan Vonk

May 1, 2020

Episode Sponsor: Sullivan Goss Gallery

Archive of Other Talks:

CAW ART/talks

What started as an idea has become a mini-series — conversations with some of Santa Barbara's most interesting artists, about their art and the art of their collaborations. Below are videos from the first two conversations in this series. More talks are in the air. 

Mary Heebner and Macduff Everton — "A Marriage of Art and Life"

April 3, 2019

On April 3, 2019, Mary Heebner and Macduff Everton spoke with moderator Patsy Hicks at the Community Arts Workshop.  

Mary Heebner is a fine artist using handmade paper and mixed media in her large scale works on paper, often resulting in related Fine Art Books. Macduff Everton is a Fine Art Photographer, featured for years in major publications, and a visual anthropologist for his work on the contemporary Maya.

This CAW ART/talk, like the first with the Shelton group (see below), focused on artist collaboration: beginning with Mary and Macduff’s individual histories in Santa Barbara, their initial trip to Tulum Mexico when they fell in love, their artist luminary wedding, and the subsequent trajectory of their art work together. Years of travel and consistent practice have produced a broad and rich body of work for them individually as they have been inspired by their life together. 

Their long-time friend Patsy Hicks, Director of Education at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, facilitated their storytelling, with large projections of their works. The content of their work illuminates varied and diverse topics such as environmental change, feminism, poetry, and multi-cultural awareness. 

Video provided by Isaac Hernandez,

The Shelton Group ART/talk:

Collaboration and Architectural Innovation

Jan 30, 2018

On January 30, the Shelton Group of Artists—Jeff Shelton, David Shelton, Saul Alcaraz, and Anders Johnson—spoke at the Community Arts Workshop with moderator Ted Mills, writer and film producer. 

This ART/talk focuses on the collaboration of these artists on a variety of Santa Barbara architectural projects and on the artistic techniques and materials used in their individual artistic work. The Shelton architectural style incorporates a uniquely expressed Spanish vernacular augmented with hand crafted sculptural iron, hand blown glass and hand crafted stone sculptures to create a total livable art installation.  This talented group of artists describe their inspiration, their individual artistic methods and practices, and their collaborative process that enriches the whole of their work together.

The following video is an edited 30-minute version of their talk.

Video provided by Larry Tang,

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