The CAW is a project of the

Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative

Non-profit Tax ID: 27-3262168

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative and Community Arts Workshop are funded in part by the Organizational Development Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Office of Arts & Culture.

Who Can Use the CAW?


Teachers for Art Classes

Artists for Gallery Shows
Parades for Float-Building

Non-Profits for Fundraisers

Painters for Studio Space

Musicians for Concert Space

Opera Companies for Rehearsal Space

Sculptors for Large Works

Dance Companies for Performance Space

Companies for Board Meetings

Theater Companies for Set Building

Comedians as a Venue

If You'd Like to Use It:

The Possibilities are Endless

The Community Arts Workshop provides Santa Barbara with an affordable community space for artists and arts organization from all disciplines to do their work; a place to innovate, to teach, to mentor, to perform, to exhibit, to rehearse, to create, and in all ways entertain, engage, and inspire.  


Users can build sets for theatrical productions, or backdrops for dance performances, or find low cost rehearsal space for the many performing arts organizations in Santa Barbara. Children can experience a variety of arts workshops and classes not available in public schools. Sculptors can create pieces too large for their studios. Musicians can rehearse and perform in a space that naturally attracts arts lovers.  


Beyond all the terrific and practical uses the imagination can conjure for a community space like this, the CAW can also unleash the power of collaboration and innovation among artists of all types as they share space, share ideas, and share resources.  


Workshop Space

Many artistic endeavors require large empty spaces – theatrical set design and construction, large visual art creations, sculpture, festivals, parades, etc. The CAW meets the needs of the many artists and arts organizations that require access to low-cost space to see their creative visions become reality.


Rehearsal Space

Many performing arts organizations lack adequate rehearsal space and the expense of private space can be prohibitive. Yet a place to rehearse is critical to a successful performance. The CAW provides these organizations an affordable place to rehearse and build artistic excellence.


Gallery Space

Many visual artists know the challenge of getting their work displayed in local galleries. The CAW is a ready resource for local artists to gain exposure.  


Classroom Space

The CAW is an important arts classroom resource for the young people of Santa Barbara. With the close proximity of La Cuesta High School, Art from Scrap, and other programs that serve our community’s youth, the CAW can be a vital component of the area’s arts education curricula.  


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